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Liberator Rocket Heaters

Mojave Red Liberator Rocket Heater Pellet Hopper - Ready to Ship

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The Liberator Rocket Heater is the safest, most effective Rocket Heater commercially available.

The Liberator Rocket Heater is the safest, hottest, and cleanest commercially available rocket heater. Built to last a lifetime with high-quality American steel and insulating refractory ceramic, we have the best product on the market and back it with a limited
lifetime warranty.


• The Liberator Generation 2 Rocket Heater
• 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty 
• Free Shipping within the Continental U.S. 
• Pellet Hopper

• Custom Paint, Mojave Red

The Liberator Rocket Heater Pellet Hopper

The Liberator Pellet Hopper Adapter allows your Rocket Heater to burn an entire bag of fuel pellets for over twelve hours. Outside air allows you to pull in combustion air from outside the home. Efficiency can be improved by up to 5% via the outside air intake.

Drops in any Liberator Rocket Heater (with an outside air intake adapter installed) and allows you to burn an entire 40-pound bag of pellets for over ten hours!

This rocket heater with the optional Pellet Hopper accessory is a completely gravity-fed pellet stove that requires no electricity and is inherently reliable with no moving parts, burns quietly, and cleanly, and is easy to remove for burning wood. Cleaning requires less than 15 seconds to clean the combustion chamber after a night’s burn.

Canadian Customers:

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Alaskan, Hawaii, or International Customers

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Download The Liberator Gen 2 (RMH2) Owner’s Manual



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Prices do not include tax and fees. Free Shipping within the Continental U.S. 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Free Shipping

    Prices do not include tax and fees. Free Shipping within the Continental U.S.

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rocket heater testimonials

Mary Coffey, Alaska

"Hi there. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the quick crating & shipping of my two rocket stoves. As I mentioned earlier I have one of your stoves with the pellet hopper working in my house up the Taku River. I have a wilderness lodge there that I own, but no longer operate. I provide my own power (Efoy fuel cell generator and Honda EU 2000i fitted up to run on propane), so finding a pellet stove that works so well with-out electricity was pretty awesome.The new stove will be used to heat water for the house, well and provide a little extra warmth when I'm not burning pellets. Know this is totally aftermarket."